Another pen and ink and colored pencil on paper done in 1969, inspired by my enjoyment of the Tolkien trilogy, Lord of the Rings. The dragons coming out of the volcano were actually taken from the Grateful Dead album cover "Anthem of the Sun", my very favorite then.  The special thing about this is it was made under a black light with black light pencils so it is a total glowing trip under a black light. And the white in Gandalf is partially done in glow in the dark paint so when the light is turned off he still remains glowing in the dark in the clouds.  I was such a tripster starting from a young age (16).  In hindsight I see my fascination with the forces of light and dark, with the upper and lower chakras.  There is much symbolism hidden in it too, including a penis ejaculating in the volcano!


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© Copyright 1969, 1999 Daniel B. Holeman.  All Rights Reserved.