Lovers Embrace

"Lovers Embrace"

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This is from an oil painting I did in 1990 of a Rodin statue called "Eternal Springtime".  I superimposed my mandala background.  It's colorless because it's a statue.

How beautiful it is to discover love between man and woman.  It is not as easy as the books and movies portray it.  After the initial infatuation comes surfacing the hidden parts of ourselves we do not love and do not wish to see - so we see them in our mate!  As a mirror. To make eros and romance last requires willingness to face our deepest shadows. 


"On my living room wall (the original of this painting) is a constant source of good feelings or us and all who visit our home. Thanks, Daniel,  for your beautiful work which enhances our lives."

- Stan Dale, Author and Founder of the Human Awareness Institute

"Daniel 's  paintings express a visionary world which lifts my spirit and releases tensions of this world."

- Barbara Marx Hubbard,  Author, Founder of Global Family,
  President of Foundation for Co-Creation


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"Through Truth and Beauty, always expanding the possibility of bringing humanity together into the realization of our Unity."
Namaste, Daniel

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