Above and Below
"Above and Below"

Dolphins jump in the light in joy.
A whale is alone, but not lonely.
She feels the light from above and is at home.

She knows the light is always there - even when blocked by clouds.

She is not afraid, but strong in her inner wisdom.

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Note:  Most of these paintings are done with oil paints, when dry, touched up with airbrush to give soft effect. The original colors were very rich and did not get captured on film.

Whale Below:
Whale Below

"Whale Below"

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Original oil and airbrush painting done in 1991

  © Copyright 1991-2013 Daniel B. Holeman.  All Rights Reserved.

The Light In Shadow Series- Visions of Shadow, Gift and Siddhi Inspired by and dedicated to the Gene Keys Golden Path. "Through Truth and Beauty, always expanding the possibility of bringing humanity together into the realization of our Unity." Namaste, Daniel In service to our direct connection with Creator/Source and living in alignment with that awareness - Unity Consciousness.