Welcome Home (Olias)
"Welcome Home (Olias)"

A woman leads the man back home, back to God. She stands poised as he points in awe and wonder and remembrance.

"When we went to Earth, we forgot it all and gained much from our journey back home," he says.

Poised, she smiles with a twinkle in her eye, "There is still a ways to go, but now we can see our way."

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The Awakening Heart remembers a place that feels like this. Awaken Now!

Being "Awakened" means one has had an awakening - the profound experience of seeing the nature of the illusion one has been living - that acute remembering of the TRUTH of what one is and how one has been taking themselves to be a concocted "somebody" that is not really what they are. It is just identifying with a made up "story" of a self. Following an "awakening" is often many years of continued habitual experience of that "story" and "one's issues" ... but now seen from the new perspective or context of the greater TRUTH.  Finally it stabilizes and one lives "Home" all the time and never wavers. This comes from the repeated seeing that the "habit" one has been so long in of creating dishonesty in the illusion that one is separate and therefore appears to be a somebody trying to get from life what they want and think they need (ego). Always attempting to have things THEIR way and wanting others to be how THEY want them to be (self-will). After repeated seeing that all one's suffering and problems stem from this, and that it is all based on a lie (rather a misunderstanding), one gradually (or suddenly) lets go and surrenders to the TRUTH, and is once again, HOME.


The symbol (based on the "Olias" symbol) represents the concept of oneness of God and diversity (creation) and acts as a reminder of our path back to God through finding our oneness and embracing our diversity. The symbol is based on the "Olias" symbol of musician, Jon Anderson, combining the circle, square and triangle - the symbols of the fundamental dimensions of consciousness from oneness to diversity. They are all actually part of the same oneness. There are many paths back home, all unique to the individual who finds their way back, but all have one thing in common - the way back home is through TRUTH, as it was the distortion of TRUTH that made us seem lost and away from home.

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The Light In Shadow Series- Visions of Shadow, Gift and Siddhi Inspired by and dedicated to the Gene Keys Golden Path. "Through Truth and Beauty, always expanding the possibility of bringing humanity together into the realization of our Unity." Namaste, Daniel In service to our direct connection with Creator/Source and living in alignment with that awareness - Unity Consciousness.




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