Mandala Deep Orange 2
"Mandala Deep Orange 2"

Being "Awakened" means one has had an awakening - a profound experience of seeing the nature of the illusion one has been living, that acute remembering of TRUTH of what one is and how one has been living in distortion and forgetting. Follo
wing an awakening is normally many years of continued experience of distortion and "one's issues" but seen from the new perspective or context of the greater TRUTH, until finally it stabilizes and one lives "Home" all the time and never wavers. This comes from the repeated seeing that the "habit" one has been so long in of creating dishonesty in the illusion that one is separate and therefore appears to be a somebody trying to get from life what they want and think they need (ego). Always attempting to have things THEIR way and wanting others to be how THEY want (self-will). After repeated seeing that all one's suffering and complaints stem from this, and that it is all based on a lie, one gradually (or suddenly) lets go and surrenders to the TRUTH, and thus to the TRUE being, God, and is once again, HOME.

There are many paths back home, all unique to the individual who finds their way back, but all have one thing in common - the way back home is through TRUTH, as it was the distortion of TRUTH that made us seem lost, mistakenly see ourselves as "separate", and away from home. And it is in the HEART that Truth lives.
All are invited back Home!

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