Crest of Truth
"Crest of Truth"

The Crest of Truth shining white light from the center. A female angel on the left and a male angel on the right, both holding swords of truth. The angel above in the middle representing the higher self. The circle with the symbols of the zodiac representing all the ways consciousness has to express and be in this world. The heart with the word TRUTH across it, with shining brilliant white light, radiating and illuminating the heavens. The beautiful and diverse colors representing the feelings and moods we can have. There is a strength and brilliance to the light of the heart of creation, the one heart we all share which we can tune into and be a vehicle for in this dimension. When we BE other frequencies, of fear and separation and self-will, we cannot find the bright light of the heart, yet it always is shining, loving when we tune into it. It is our True Nature.

"Awaken Visions of Truth, Beauty & Inspiration"

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The Light In Shadow Series- Visions of Shadow, Gift and Siddhi Inspired by and dedicated to the Gene Keys Golden Path. "Through Truth and Beauty, always expanding the possibility of bringing humanity together into the realization of our Unity." Namaste, Daniel In service to our direct connection with Creator/Source and living in alignment with that awareness - Unity Consciousness.