Know Thy SELF Red
"Know Thy SELF Red"

The words on the entrance to the Temple are changed from "Know Thyself" to "Know Thy Self" . The Self with the capital S is the one to know - know that you are a holographic expression of - individual AND one.

Living from that Knowing is the Key.

That shifts everything. Conversion from egoic orientation which we are bred into - believing our illusion of separation is real - taking it seriously. To Unity consciousness - aware of each life-form being an expression of the greater ONE, experiencing Itself through Its evolving Creation - all Life - always expanding and wonderfully diversifying.

Know Thy Self - and wear identity like a costume - to play with and enjoy but not take seriously.

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Artwork © Copyright 2012-2013 by Daniel B. Holeman.  All Rights Reserved.

The Light In Shadow Series- Visions of Shadow, Gift and Siddhi Inspired by and dedicated to the Gene Keys Golden Path. "Through Truth and Beauty, always expanding the possibility of bringing humanity together into the realization of our Unity." Namaste, Daniel In service to our direct connection with Creator/Source and living in alignment with that awareness - Unity Consciousness.