Star Wolf
"Star Wolf"

From the stars...

To join the souls on earth -

Who live and struggle and grow,

Sometimes feeling
lost, alone and hurting -

She came and fell like all the rest.

But the Light has kept her moving and

Courage has made her strong.

Touching those along the way with a heart
that makes a difference,
while it is, in truth being born.

Coming Home to the stars
by walking truth on the earth.

And the pack hears her howl
while the stars shine above.

With a laugh and a tear she does what it takes
to fulfill the intent of the Heart that she is.

Jan. 1999

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Dedicated to Linda Star Wolf of Venus Rising.

© Copyright 1999-2013 Daniel B. Holeman.  All Rights Reserved.

The Light In Shadow Series- Visions of Shadow, Gift and Siddhi Inspired by and dedicated to the Gene Keys Golden Path. "Through Truth and Beauty, always expanding the possibility of bringing humanity together into the realization of our Unity." Namaste, Daniel In service to our direct connection with Creator/Source and living in alignment with that awareness - Unity Consciousness.