"I just have to say that, quite honestly, I cried upon seeing such sublime works of art; Mr. Holeman, yours is a rare gift indeed, and to come upon this while surfing the web is an absolute high. Thank you so very much for sharing your gift, for formalizing what are mostly intimations for the rest of us. God bless. This is a sanctum I'll return to again and again."   - Ariel

"You have peeled the artichoke to find the heart. Words cannot adequately describe how moved I am...I can breathe again. Gods light truly shines through your work and you will touch the center of the soul and rekindle the flame in many. Peace out Groovemaster ;)"   - Maureen H

"These are the most amazingly beautiful spiritual pictures. They totally uplift me . I was having kind of a bummer day untill I found this website it put me in a much better mood. Thanks for giving the world such a beautiful gift."   - Niki

"My site is peasantry next to this one! These images are fantastic, some even made me teary eyed. No words can describe what I feel right now...thank you SO MUCH, Daniel, for sharing something so magnificent with me. The peace and beauty in your work is definately what I needed to shine this dreary day! I will be back and I will share what precious gift you have given to me!"    - Elizabeth

"Hi Daniel, I found your website quite by "accident", it is the nicest accident that has ever happened to me. I spent hours online in joy and wonder at your fabulous art works. They speak from your heart and have most certainly touched mine.
Love and Light,"
-  Katy

"I was blessed to visit your vision art today and words escape me. I have always wanted to draw the visions Spirit sends me and you inspire me to try! Many blessings to you!
-  Wolfelder A.

"Your work, your visions are truly awe-inspiring and thought provoking.. thanks for being a representation of deity in this time of need bright blessings,"    - netz & orion

"Oh my God...I don't think I have ever had artwork hit me the way yours has. Some of these images brought tears to my eyes...I feel such truth looking at your work. Absolutely amazing and inspiring."   - Gaelspirit

"Dear Daniel,  I'm just a visitor of your website, im italian and so please excuse me for my typos in written english, but i try my best :) lol Well, i just wanted to thank you with all my heart for
your wonderful, amazing, and full of loving energy paintings! They are incredible filled of beauty and good energy, i think that they even hold healing energy for those who watch them with opened hearts :)
I am an artist as well, coz i dance ballet classique, i sing and play piano and am on a spiritual path from ages, and i consider Arts as one of the higher and spiritual way of express our true Self, that is Light :)))) I think you are a very blessed Soul to have this chance to paint all these beautiful and spiritual paintings thru your hands:) To me, when i see your paintings and enter in your website is like entering at Home, is a marvellous feeling. Thank you deeply from my heart dear Daniel, and i thank God to have found your website and for the great chance to have seen your paintings! :))))
May God bless you and fill you with His Light, Love and Joy,"   - Francesca R.

Some renowned visionaries speak about the Daniel's artwork:

"Daniel's paintings express a visionary world which lifts my spirit and releases tensions of this world" - Barbara Marx Hubbard Author, Founder of Global Family, President of Foundation for Co-Creation

"Daniel does marvelous and refreshing work. I appreciate his art. His paintings are very restful." - Edgar Mitchell Astronaut, Founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences

"Daniel's art aids in de-stressing; by looking at Daniel's paintings I relax and lift above worldly concerns, knowing that everything is in order." - Terry Cole Whittaker D.D.S., Best selling author, speaker and Founder of Adventures in Enlightenment

"I find child-like enjoyment in Daniel's pictures." - Ken Keyes Jr. Author, Handbook to Higher Consciousness and The Power of Unconditional Love.

"On my living room wall is a constant source of good feelings for us and all who visit our home. Thanks, Daniel, for your beautiful work which enhances our lives." - Stan Dale Author and Founder of the Human Awareness Institute

"I am very touched after I search through your gallery. It makes me cry, don't ask me why but I did. your art is so touching, so pure, so tender. That's what I like. Wonderful colors, and I listen to the music too, I think that's why it hurts me. I am a very sensitive woman. My poetry is very deep, I hope you visit my website too. Thank you for using your amazing art, if I am ready with my poetry I send you the link.
Greetings,"  - Ilona


"I must write to you to express my gratitude for the amazing beauty and gift of your (h)art!
I happened upon the 'Awaken Visions' website a few weeks ago. What I so unexpectedly discovered was a treasure trove of artistic interdimensional deliciousness, stunningly virtuosic at mirroring and reverberating with my heart and soul!
I also believe, as you seem to, that we experience our own consciousness through the catalyst of sensory tools, thoughts, perceptions and life experiences... (that coming from my extensive immersion, and intensive love of Vedanta for many lifetimes most likely). Your art allows me to experience aspects of myself that are so important during these transitional times. Beauty...radiance....remembrance. Each piece is a symphony, alive, elegant, and laughing, as it lends it's energetic coding with the ability to dance perfectly with every arm extended. Like biting into the universe and having one's mouth and senses filled to overflowing with sweet, intoxicating galactic juices! If only human beings new how fully the universe plays the music, in every moment, of their own beings. Your art gives one the gift of a very beautiful aspect of their own SELF.
Blessings to you on your journey, and thank you ad infinitum for being present!
In Joy, delight and appreciation."
-  Aurora C

"Dear Daniel, I ordered this poster for a friend of mine in Australia who is terminally ill. She had seen it on your site and emailed me about its beauty, Shirley received the poster this week and it really made her day. Shirley was most excited that you had actually signed the poster and has kept your signature. Shirley alerted me to your art work a few weeks back and I have since directed other friends to your web site.
I must say your work is incredible and for some one like Shirley, each piece she sees has meaning for her. Regardless of why you do your art, its purpose is different for each and every individual who witnesses it! Keep up the beautiful work
Kind Regards,"
-  Susan M

"Amazing isnt it.. truly amazing.. went to your site.. found it through a search for pictures.. and all that you say.. the pictures that portray your beliefs.. are such a gift.. to me.. and ive been calling this awakening.. an awakening for a few years now.. and it wows me to come across it all the time, on the internet.. in books.. movies.. television.. we had the knowledge right before us.. always.. locked away within us.. and then we began to awaken.. raise in consciousness.. and its absolutely awesome and breathtaking to watch..
Thank you so much
Take care always,"
-  Pauline Gill
Beautiful artwork and the most beautiful site I’ve seen up to now.. well done you :)

"...your work is absolutely stunning! When I clicked on each picture, which some even brought tears to my eyes, they filled me with joy and peace.
....which is probably what you were intending :)
Thank you for what you do, it does not go unappreciated! "
-  Barbara

"Dear Daniel,
Love and Light to you.
Thanks for being the vessel through which beautiful artwork can be brought to this physical plane. Your works are very helpful in making the connection to the Source of Oneness and purity.
As a representative of The Hearts Center™, I, Maria Min, like to ask your permission for making a link from our website heartscenter.org to yours. We believe that your artwork, especially when used as a visual during the Science of Sound has the potential to increase the effect of raising the consciousness on this planet and beyond.
Please note that the webmasters of our movement are diligently working on a new website that will be ‘friendlier’ for ‘new’ seekers of the Truth. Thank you for your consideration to give The Hearts Center permission to link its website to yours. I’ll await your reply.
May God bless your service to all evolutions of the Light.
In Love and gratitude,"
-  Maria M.

"To give you an idea of how significant today was for me, I want to share a sequence of events over the past few days:
1) 8/29/08: My friend Donna dies (who is younger than myself and VERY prepared, financially, for her own and her family's "future")
2) 9/19/08: I invite my friend Marissa to attend your event -- noting that I am feeling "at a crossroad" in my own life"
3) 9/20/08: Donna's birthday: I'm watching my laundry circulate in the washing machine and wondering "Is this what my life is all about?"
3) 9/21/08: I have a conversation with my Aunt and mention that I feel like "the walking dead" and I seek something that will help me feel alive again
4) 9/21/08: The only quote I felt compelled to write down (and I did not have a pen to do that with) was the quote by George Bernard Shaw -- and you "gifted" me with that in print today
I do believe that you saved my "life" today...and I was so grateful.
I came away so inspired and so hopeful, that I would feel honored to give the precious extra personal time that I have to this "awakening" cause.
And, I believe that the time and energy I contribute will not be a drain on my own life, but an opportunity to re-energize.
Something that I dearly need.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this opportunity to become re-engaged in the world...and my own precious life. I love you more than you can ever know."
-   Lynda


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