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Doreen Virtue's  popular book and angel oracle deck of cards.

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2012 Grammy nominated CD Deep Alpha by Steven Halpern

2013 CD Deep Theta 2.0 by Steven Halpern

Since 1989 Daniel B. Holeman's artwork has inspired millions of people worldwide. In 2001 his art was used as the intro to a TV show, Estrela Guia (Guiding Star), on the fourth largest TV network in the world, TV Globo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (seen by 50 million people daily for six months). His images have been used by countless magazines, displayed on hundreds of websites and have been published on many Book and CD covers (see images below for some examples). He also does themes and graphics  specifically for websites.


How it Works:

After looking this website and this page over, if you would like me to work on your book cover or other project please contact me directly by email or phone (best). Then I will further explain how it works, ask questions about your project, and gather the info I need to give you a fair price quote.

Usually there are three options, based on your needs:

1) Just licensing the use of an existing image for a cover (I provide a digital file of the art and your graphic artist or publishers does the layout.) $500 (could me more, depending on the image and varliables).

2) I license an existing art piece and also do the layout - front, spine and back cover. $750

3) I customize and image as well as do the full layout. $1,000

Once the project is agreed upon you will send half the agreed upon price to me by check or PayPal (or credit card) and normally within a week I will send you a viewing JPEG "draft" of the image via Email for you to approve (or provide feedback on any modifications desired). This is a co-creative process and can be quite enjoyable. Normally the fine-tuning is quick and easy and once the image is approved it is sent electronically as a digital file to whomever you designate (publisher or printer). Then the balance is paid.

If the fine-tuning goes to three revisions and it is not complete (approved) I will contact you to gently discuss - as it may be you need to experiment to discover what you want, and I will accommodate that but may discuss and agree upon additional cost. This way there are no surprises or hard feelings. This is very rare but worth mentioning here. This policy of openness and honesty throughout the process has always worked out well. After all, it is a co-creation and we both want win-win and to enjoy the creative process.

At an appropriate place in the credits you include a credit for the artwork with my full name and website: Cover art by Daniel B. Holeman - www.AwakenVisions.com. Once it is printed, please send me a complimentary copy of the book for my records and to enjoy.

The above applies to using an image as a LOGO, if available, and LOGOs are $1,000, and co-creating a new one is also $1,000. Most common is co-creating a new one that is unique.

I have never had an unsatisfied customer. I can usually accommodate your deadlines, even if rush. If it is a rush job the full payment (rather than half up front) is sent and I will provide the image within the few days or whenever it is needed. I have done this enough times that it all usually goes very smoothly and successfully. Thank you for your interest!

Some Examples of Book or Cd Covers:

Constance Demby's CD Spirit Trance released March 2004.

book cover
book cover printed in Israel
book cover - in Canada
book cover
book cover
book cover
book cover
book cover
book cover
book cover
Steven Halper's CD cover
CD cover Jacob Nassim

Passion Healed Me Cover

Daniel makes the labels for the healthy organic food and supplement company, Earth Circle Organics.

See details here.
This is a banner showcasing some of the artistic labels:
Earth Circle Organics Banner


Some renowned visionaries speak about the Daniel's artwork:

"Daniel's paintings express a visionary world which lifts my spirit and releases tensions of this world" - Barbara Marx Hubbard  Author, Founder of Global Family, President of Foundation for Co-Creation

"Daniel does marvelous and refreshing work. I appreciate his art. His paintings are very restful." - Edgar Mitchell  Astronaut, Founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences

"Daniel's art aids in de-stressing; by looking at Daniel's paintings I relax and lift above worldly concerns, knowing that everything is in order." - Terry Cole Whittaker D.D.S.  Best selling author, speaker and Founder of Adventures in Enlightenment

"I find child-like enjoyment in Daniel's pictures." - Ken Keyes Jr. Author, Handbook to Higher Consciousness and The Power of Unconditional Love.

"On my living room wall is a constant source of good feelings for us and all who visit our home. Thanks, Daniel, for your beautiful work which enhances our lives." - Stan Dale Author and Founder of the Human Awareness Institute


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