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The "Early Works" Gallery:

Awaken-In-Dream Creations

These are my earlier paintings (my first paintings) done from 1989 to 1996, mostly oil on canvas paintings with airbrush touchup.
I also used the business name of "Awake-In-Dream Creations" -  I love these double meaning names (Awaken Dream, Awaken Visions, Light In Shadow). 

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Venus & Jupiter
Sword of Truth
Dolphin Dreamer
Scorpio Moon
3 Pyramids
The Rose
Three Babies
Sacred Space
Mural Two
Mural of dolphins
Above the Clouds
First Linda
Star City
Star Canyon
Sensual Man
The Tear
Sensuous Woman
Star Guide
Celeste Star
City of Light
Blue Lady
Pegasus Star
Pegasus Clouds
Earth Angel
These last three were done in High School 1969-1970 and are pen and ink with colored pencils:
1969  print available
Gandalf and Dragons
Psychedelic Man

Additional newer images:


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Blessings to all beings in this time of great changes - The Great Turning.
May we all find more truth, love and understanding and renew/deepen our connection with our True Nature.
From the turbulence may we all find what is truly important. From the darkness may we come to see the light of Truth.
May we be in TRUTH, embracing All as the Global Family...and be good to one another and our beautiful planet, Earth.

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